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This 12-week pregnancy and postpartum program is designed for pregnant women and new moms looking for support and natural wellness alternatives to stay healthy in this transitional phase of their lives and find a balance after childbirth.

The birth of a child also means the birth of a mother. My goal with this program is to hold your hand during this transition and provide you with all the natural wellness alternatives, resources, information and support you may need during your (re)birth journey.

I will guide you during your pregnancy or after your delivery through recommendations for a healthy diet, made of whole foods and rich in the essential nutrients that your body needs every day, suggestions of medicinal plants adapted to your metabolism, gentle and natural alternatives to reduce the harmful effects of stress, fatigue or common ailments of pregnancy and postpartum. In addition, you will receive 3 full-size herbal products specifically formulated to meet your needs.


  • 2 coaching sessions per month of 30 minutes each (via Skype or Zoom)

  • A Holistic wellness assessment that identifies approaches, strategies and resources that will help you the best

  • A personalized nutrition plan specifically designed to nourish and support your body throughout pregnancy or postpartum (including a complete list of foods, meal plan, and healthy and easy recipes)

  • Wellness and mindfulness exercises to help you find balance and reduce stress during pregnancy or the postpartum period

  • A detailed list of herbal and natural supplements safe to use during pregnancy and postpartum to include in your diet (including suggested dosage, recommended brands and stores, etc.)

  • 3 custom and handcrafted herbal products for pregnancy or postpartum. Depending on your needs, these products can help you increase your energy, relieve stress, prepare your body for delivery, balance your hormones after delivery, recover from a c-section, increase your breast milk production, and more.

  • An informative e-book of natural tips and medicinal plants to use during pregnancy or postpartum (including properties, benefits and uses, recipe, suggested dosage, resources ...)

  • Unlimited e-mail communication and support throughout the program

Do you wish to benefit from a payment plan for this program? Send us an e-mail at hello(at) and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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