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"Replenish" is a 6-week personalized program that will help you regain control over your well-being and health naturally, regenerate your body and mind, and reconnect to yourself. Through a holistic approach integrating nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, medicinal plants and spirituality, this program aims to provide you with the right tools for a transition to a healthy and natural way of life through simple yet effective changes that have the power to transform you positively from the inside out


  • 3 one-on-one coaching sessions (30-minutes each) via Skype, Zoom or phone

  • A personalized nutrition program built specifically to meet your goals (including grocery list and healthy and easy recipes)

  • A Herbal Plan with detailed list of medicinal plants and natural supplements to add to your diet (including suggested dosage, recommended brands and stores etc…)

  • Recommendations for exercises, wellness and mindfulness practices to help you find an inner balance.

  • A full size custom handcrafted herbal tea blend designed specifically to meet your needs

  • Weekly checkins to see how you are adjusting to the program and make adjustments if necessary (via e-mail or whatsapp)

  • Unlimited e-mail communication about your program

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